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My name is Jenny Yen.

June of 2017, I decided to embark on my 'Eat, Pray, Love' journey. During this journey, I rediscovered my sense of self and my love for helping people. I am a natural explorer who is driven by curiosity. I love deep, meaningful conversations that help me understand human behavior.

Mission: I want to create a world where all feelings are welcome. A safe place where everyone is free to express how they truly feel and live a more authentic life. I want to equip people with the tools and vocabulary of emotional expression while guiding them to become more self aware. My hope is that in turn, they will be able to grow compassion and hold a safe space for others to be seen as well. As I believe this will heal generational trauma and improve the quality of relationships in our lives.

This website is a documentation of my travels, my work and my thoughts.

I am currently a freelance videographer, residing in Taipei, Taiwan.

Feel free to contact me for collaborations, consultations or just a chat! 

EMAIL: hello@jennyyen.com
INSTAGRAM: @jenyenx, @jennyfeelsthings

All work on this website is created by me, unless stated otherwise.