Thoughts On Traveling


Growing up I've lived in Taiwan, Australia and Canada and traveled to over dozens of countries and cities. Just last year I quit my job and embarked on a 2 months solo trip across Europe and had the time of my life. Traveling for me feels more like home than settling down in a city. I’m always jetting off to a new destination every 3 months to explore what the world has to offer. The questions I get asked the most from everyone are how do you afford to travel so much? Don’t you burn out? Do you always stay in hostels? I think there is still a big myth that traveling requires a lot of time and energy in savings before one can embark on their journey but I personally believe it’s more about how savvy you are in terms of the research and planning stage. Airfares have dropped significantly in the last few years and with budget airlines offering amazing prices, the door to the world has never been easier to pass. I love going off the beaten path to discover hidden gems and mingle with the locals. Traveling should increase our love and awareness for other cultures and that’s what I’m all about. As my friends like to call me the bargain-hunting queen, I would love the opportunity to share with budget conscious travellers how to get the most bang for their buck and inspire others to embark on their adventure.

Jenny Yen