Taipei Checklist - Your First Visit



  1. Taipei 101 (would not recommend paying to go up, if you want a cool picture, hike up elephant mountain )

  2. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

  3. National Palace Museum

  4. Taipei Fine Arts Museum (30NT ENTRANCE!)

  5. Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (50nt Entrance)

  6. Huashan Creative Culture Park (more expensive exhibits, generally 300nt each exhibit, but cool area to walk around, some street performances on the weekends)

  7. Songshan Creative Culture Park (generally around 300nt/exhibit, checkout “not a library”, design museum)

  8. Treasure Hill Artists Village


  1. Soup Dumplings (Ding Tai Fung)

  2. Braised Pork Rice

  3. Chicken Over Rice

  4. Stinky Tofu (if you dare)

  5. Taiwanese Hot Dog (Pork Sausage wrapped in Glutinous Rice)

  6. Scallion Pancake at Yong Kang Street

  7. Mango Shaved Ice (3 brothers at Xi Men Ding)

  8. Beef Noodle Soup (Yong Kang Beef Noodle Shop)

  9. Peanut and Sesame Tang Yuan Shaved Ice (Rao He Nightmarket)

  10. Hot Star Chicken - Deep fried chicken, larger than your face (Shilin or Ximending)

  11. ReChao - Typical Taiwanese Stiry Fry Dishes (they’re all over town but my favorite is Pin Xian 100NT Dollar Stir Fries)

  12. Acheng Goose (smoked goose)

  13. Traditional Taiwanese Soy Milk Breakfast - must get salty soy milk with a side of chinese donut, egg omelet, rice ball, steamed buns, peanut drink

  14. Traditional Tofu Pudding with the toppings

  15. Black Pepper Buns (Rao He Nightmarket entrance)

  16. Oyster and Intestine Vermicelli (Ximending)

  17. Pineapple cakes from Chiate or Sunny Hill

  18. Lan Jia Gua Bao (fluffy steamed bun stuffed with fatty pork with peanuts )

  19. Ma La Hot Spot (all over town)

  20. Lu Wei - assorted braised meats/tofu/veges (you’ll see these at all nightmarkets)

  21. Peanut Ice Cream Roll

  22. Oyster Omelete

  23. Red Bean Wheel Cakes

  24. Taro Ball Shaved Ice (Jiufen)


  1. Milk Tea with Bubbles (50 Lan, Chung Shui Tang)

  2. Brown Sugar with Fresh Milk and Bubbles (Chen San Ding Bubble Tea)

  3. Papaya Milk (Ximending)

  4. Fresh Fruit Tea (Yi Fang)

  5. HANKO 60 - really cool bar, cocktails are inspired by traditional taiwanese drinks or desserts (ximending)

  6. Closet Bar - really good cocktails (zhong xiao dun hua station)

  7. Fourplay - fun, unique cocktails

  8. R&D Lab

  9. East End Bar (Zhong Xiao Dun Hua station)


  1. Chill at Beitou Hotsprings

  2. Hike Elephant Mountain (Short 20 min hike with views of Taipei 101)

  3. Flower/Jade Market (only open on the weekends)

  4. Shop and Eat at Xi Men Ding

  5. Cheap Shopping at WuFenPu Market (where wholesalers go)

  6. uBike around the city


  1. Yong Kang Street (beef noodle/shaved ice/cute cafes)

  2. Shilin Nightmarket (biggest but also most touristy, personally not my favorite)

  3. Raohe Nightmarket (favorite, mix of food and shopping)

  4. Ningxia Nightmarket (cleanest, only food)

  5. Dihua Old Street (traditional street with dried goods and creative shops, good for souvenir shopping)

  6. Tamsui for the sunset and old street along the river


  1. Teapot Mountain Trail (1hr away from Taipei by bus near Jiufen, 3hr hike)

  2. Yang Ming National Park (lots of different trails)

  3. Elephant Mountain (Short 20 min hike with views of Taipei 101)

  4. MaoKong Hiking Trail

  5. Huangdidian Hike (personally never been, heard it’s more difficult with ropes?)


  1. Jiufen Old Street and JingGuaShi

  2. PingXi

  3. Keelung (Harbor city with good seafood and nightmarket)

  4. Yilan (beachside for surfing)

  5. Wulai (hotsprings and aboriginal culture)

  6. Yehliu Geopark

  7. Thousand Island Lake


  1. Near Taipei Main Station/Beimen/Zhongshan area (west side of the city - transit convenient locations)

    1. Flip Flop Hostel

    2. Star Hostel

    3. Homey Hostel

  2. Near Zhongxiao Dun Hua station (east side of the city, more for nightlife and shopping)

    1. Green World Hostel

Jenny Yen